General Election Madness



A snap general election will be held on the 3rd  of June. The country goes to the polls a year early. The choice is between an incumbant Labour government battered by various scandals including the Panama saga, and a Nationalist party still smarting from its defeat 4 years ago after some 25 years in power where it had seemingly outstayed its welcome.
Whichever path we choose will have severe repercussions on the future. This election will require citizens to do our duty and vote using reason if possible. The choice is clear for those who can look beyond the brainwashing of red and blue party lines but if this thing goes tits up, we’re looking at a race to the bottom and a free-for-all of theft and rampant corruption the likes of which have never been seen before.
Let’s endure this month of campaigning hell, and whatever happens we’re still gonna be friends when it’s all over because when the dust settles we’re still the same people on a rock smaller than the Isle of Wight and this Labour/Nationalist enmity is only fostering the platform that our rulers can use to pull wool over our eyes and money out of our pockets.
General Election Madness

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