The Quest for Freedom

Freedom Day. The 31st of March, 2017.1975019_10151934036945636_1611905075_n Another sacred holiday. 3 day weekends help one’s mind, body and spirit to recover. Although some jobs like those that involve teaching are relatively pleasant, they still require you to trade time for money, and time is a finite commodity.
Hard and serious workers though they may be, some believe that work is an unnatural condition for humans. In the future, they may aim to be self-sufficient in a way that will allow them to focus on life experiences by way of travel and adventure.
By cutting off the fat of the mindless consumerist society, such travellers can maximize travel time and experience at minimal cost. So long as passive income exceeds expenses, they can travel indefinitely like a nuclear powered aircraft carrier that rarely ever needs to refuel. Malta is quite simply becoming undesirable in many ways as the little remaining countryside is being gobbled up.
This kind of lifestyle is not for everyone and thank goodness for that, for it would create seismic shifts in the way society is structured. Perhaps we need people to work all their lives to grease the economy’s wheels, but who can blame one for seeking an alternative lifestyle to pursue the things they dream about? Who can blame them for doing what makes them feel alive? This is after all what individual freedom is all about!
The Quest for Freedom

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