Stadium Survival

Earplugs so powerful they blocked out the sound of over 4,000 fans in a stadium, but they couldn’t block the Slovak shots which were anything but slow. The pitch was as slippery as a veteran politician and that didn’t help our goalkeeper.
Malta lost 3-1 unfortunately but it was a brave performance by the boys. One guy in the crowd annoyed the hell out of everyone by shouting out useless instructions to the players. My hopes that he’d have a sore throat by the second half were dashed. A guy sitting behind me translated the dubious advice into English for his fiance.
The people in front of me on all sides were smokers and the foul smell of smoke formed a pungent cloud of death and lung cancer. A woman sitting nearby placed her handbag on the seat next to mine. On the other side, someone placed a jacket. My personal space was almost being invaded.
Karma struck in the second half when she carelessly deposited the expensive black handbag on a cup of coke much to the dismay of the guy sitting behind me whose coke will now surely melt the seat so that nothing remains in the morning.
All in all, it was an enjoyable experience although I’m not sure I’ve ever watched Malta win a football match. Maybe we should lobby for firework making to become an Olympic sport.
As I’m writing this, the cat seems utterly convinced that my shoes are evil and must be destroyed. Maybe she’s also upset that Malta has lost. Maybe she doesn’t give a rat’s tail about it which is a pity as I’m sure she’d be interested in a rat’s tail if she saw it. Oh well, you can’t have it your way all the time.
Stadium Survival

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